Friday, November 10, 2017

The Red Lion

by: Sebastian

The Red Lion was the most quick and had the most Firepower. It’s Paladin, who was named Keith, was a great swordsman. In a Galaxy, close to you, Keith was controlling his lion when he got separated from the other lions. He was making futile attempts to contact them. He was not able to contact other lions because of being distracted with not crashing into asteroids.
All the sudden, the Red Lion smashes into an asteroid and goes flying out of the asteroid belt! He smashes into a planet. Keith realizes he has to fix the fiery Red Lion quickly because there's no oxygen on this planet!!!
He hops out of his Red Lion and hopes to find a power core. He investigates the planet for a power core. Surprisingly, he found the power core pretty quickly. He masterfully Powers up the lion and then he launches off the face of that planet, which is a good thing because he was almost out of oxygen.

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