Monday, November 13, 2017

Child "Tests"

I saw this on Facebook, and it looked like fun, so I had to try it with my three oldest.
Child test. No coaching. Just write down exactly what they say. Lol this is quite fun to do!!

How old are you?
Bash: 10
Kaelyn: 7
Miles: 1 (um.. he is actually 3, but ok...)
When is your birthday?
Bash: June 23
Kaelyn: September the first
Miles: Rainbow cake! and O on it! (Ok. For his next birthday, a rainbow cake with an O on it. What is the O for? Maybe Oliver...)

How old is daddy?
Bash: 33
Kaelyn: 32
Miles: 1
What is your favorite color?
Bash: Red
Kaelyn: Pink
Miles: Red and red and red and red. Yeah! A rainbow! (Wut??)
Whats your favorite food?
Bash: ice cream
Kaelyn: mac n cheese
Miles: gummy snack
Who is your best friend?
Bash: Dominic, Kevin, and Rusty
Kaelyn: Lydia
Miles: Pick a guy. A big guy. (I pick... Uncle Glenn.)
What's your favorite animal?
Bash: Snow leopard
Kaelyn: I don't really have one.
Miles: Dog
What are you scared of?
Bash: I'm not really scared of anything.
Kaelyn: The dark
Miles: BEAR!!!
What is your favorite show?
Bash: Dragonball Z
Kaelyn: Duck Tales
Miles: Puppy Dog Pals!!!
What makes you sad?
Bash: Animals getting hurt.
Kaelyn: Nothing really.
Miles: That. (Points to a horn) A horn? Yeah. Too loud.
What makes you happy?
Bash: Animals
Kaelyn: Everything.
Miles: Dog make me happy.
Where is your favorite place to go?
Bash: The zoo.
Kaelyn: Disney World.
Miles: The cabin.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Bash: A mechanical engineer.
Kaelyn: Everything.
Miles: Me not grow up.

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