Friday, October 20, 2017

My Favorite Exercises

I used to hate working out. The thought of getting out of bed and sweating was more of a nightmare than something I looked forward to doing every day. Slowly that mentality has been changing and in the last month I have begun to form positive opinions on my workouts. I still don't have positive opinions on burpees. Burpees are tough!! I am very weak with push-ups as well, but there are a few moves I enjoy doing and I want to share those moves with you today! It's time for a little exercise-positivity.

I love "lifting weights." Right now I am using 3 and 5 pounds weights, so they aren't huge, but I love following Upper Fix or the Dirty 30 workouts with the weights in hand. It makes me feel strong and powerful! I might be beginning to outgrow the 5 pounds weights, so a trip to Target is in order to get the next size up.

I love targeting specific areas with exercises. For working my butt, some of my favorite include hip thrusts, sumo squats, and lunges. For abs I like the side bends, planks (oh they are so hard), and pilates (also, very hard). Most exercises will use your abdominals to stabilize your body, but I love specifically hitting them as well.

I am using the 21 Day Fix workout program right now and my favorite days are Upper Fix, Dirty 30, and Total Body Fix. All of them use weights and make me feel amazing afterwards. Next week I am going to be swapping out some of the workouts for harder ones. Dirty 30 will be swapped for Dirty Dozen and Cardio Fix will be swapped by Cardio Core Fix. I am hoping to be able to handle those workouts, otherwise I will go back to the standards.

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