Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Dealing with Flare-Ups

Eventually there is going to be a flare-up. Sometimes it happens because your diet was crap or a hormonal change happened. It happens randomly and unexpectedly most often. These are the ways I deal with a flare-up.

1. Call the doctor.

Usually I need a dose change so I call the doctor, get my blood tested, and get medication adjusted. This is the first thing I do.

2. Clean diet.

Take out the processed food, the sugar, caffeine, and any trigger foods. Usually it is okay to eat in moderation, but during a flare-up it is best to be 100% clean eating to help your body get back to its fittest.

3. Get some rest

This is so hard, but getting extra sleep in and going easy on myself is one of the best medicines out there. It isn't easy to get more sleep, especially since I have four kids (two of them that depend on me for everything) but getting to bed a little earlier helps. Letting the baby snuggle in the morning for some extra zzzs can also help.

4. Relax and destress

This means I have to try to give myself opportunities to be creative. I usually can't do this unless I have been resting enough. I don't have energy to do anything else during a flare-up so this is mostly a step to do afterwards, as I am trying to claw myself back to normal.

5. Supplements

With a flare-up I experience anxiety and depression. Making sure I am taking all my supplements (D, B-complex, niacin, magnesium, etc.) helps me emotionally. I having to make sure I am taking all  my supplements every day to help me out of the flare-up.

6. Essential Oils

My "happy" oils are citrus oils with a splash of spearmint. It helps my emotional well-being and helps me get through some tough times. The spearmint keeps me awake and the citrus makes me happy. It is like a summertime breeze!

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