Monday, October 16, 2017

5 Things I am Grateful For

I should have named this post, "Five things for which I am grateful," but I didn't want to be grammar snooty. I had also made the graphic before I realized my error, so deal with lazy past-Elyse and her terrible grammar. Here are just five items for which I have been grateful as I have been journeying through learning about my health and how to be the best me.

1. God, My Faith, and The Church
God is always first. I will always be thankful for Him and His Church for giving me the grace to live this life.

2.  Support System
Best husband? Check. Great kids? Check. Family that loves me unconditionally? Check. Friends that get it? Check. I am blessed. Truly.

3. The Library
The library has a million books that have helped me learn about Hashimoto's, autoimmune disease, paleo recipes, and more. It is a huge help in my journey.

4. Naptime
This is the only time I have to workout. I need this time for me.

5. Sunshine
It helps me make vitamin D. It makes me happy. It reminds me that summer will come again.

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