Friday, September 29, 2017

Getting fit with Hashimoto's

I have committed to getting fit. Now that I understand my diagnosis of Hashimoto's better and I have been getting better blood results back, I am feeling more confident that I have what it takes to get my health into my own hands and make this life livable. This is what October is going to be. I will write my struggles, things I have learned, my progress, and more for 31 days in October. I hope this will get me to break some bad habits, instill new ones, stay motivated, and perhaps gain encouragement along the way.

Although I have been working on my fitness since the spring, it is this October that I plan on adding in daily exercise and eating using the 21 Day Fix portion containers. I have been doing little things like taking karate classes twice a week and cutting out junk, but now I am ready for bootcamp mode. My main goal is to see a reduction in flair ups, increase my energy, improve my mood, and continue to lower my cholesterol.

As I publish my posts, I will link them here, for easier access in the future:

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October 4- What not to eat
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October 31-

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