Friday, June 23, 2017

Field Trip #4: New York City!

While we were at the beach, Sebastian and I took a side trip to NYC for a day.
I have family that lives near a train station in NJ so it is easy to get into NYC from there. My uncle came with us and he knows NYC well. We had such a blast!

I had to wake them up, but look how cute they are!

Sebastian is too cool for NYC.

We took a bus tour, but Sebastian got very bored on it. I thought he would like it so that he could see a lot of the big spots in NYC, but he just wanted to go to the Lego store.

He wanted to see the Empire State Building!  Achievement unlocked.

There we are. Mommy, Sebastian, Oliver, and my uncle behind us looking like a creeper.

We even went on the subway system and didn't get lost. Another achievement!

We ate lunch at S'Mac. Oh heavens. It was SO DELICIOUS. If you go to NYC, it would be a crime for you to skip this joint. 

Dabbing at the Lego Store.

The Lego sign is made from mini-figures! 

We went to Ripley's Believe it or Not. This Bumblebee is made from car parts.

Dabbing in the mouth of a megalodon.

The New Year's Eve ball is behind us

This is how I felt after eating all the mac n cheese at lunch, lol!

It cane be hard saying good-bye to my grandmother. We don't visit her near enough!

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