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Shepherd, Potter, Spy, and the Star Namer Review

My son enjoyed reading Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer from Peggy Consolver - Author. This is a soft cover book with 375 pages. It has 46 chapters and discussion questions in the back of the book for small group discussions. There is also a study guide available called Digging Deeper into HIStory.

This is a historical-fiction book, based on the book of Joshua. The author, Peggy Consolver, spent much time researching and visiting the area. She joined an archaeological excavation team in 2010 for eighteen days in order to catalogue the remains of a city in Israel. What she learned and visited on that trip inspired this book.

This book is appropriate to be read by middle-school or high-school students on their own; however, younger students could enjoy this book as a read aloud. The book is full of opportunities to dig deeper in religion, history, life skills like cooking and sewing, as well as having loads of discussions together as a family, small group, or one on one.

My nine-year-old son read the book and the following is his review/report.

The story is set in Canaan, when the Hebrews first arrived. The main character is Keshub, a young shepherd Gibeonite living in Canaan. He didn't want to stay in his little town and wanted to go on an adventure. His father told him to make pottery, but he didn't like doing it.  He had a good brother named Eschol, also called Eskie. He was nice and a good guy.

The bad guy was Adoni Zedek. He was king of Jerusalem before the Hebrews came. He wasn't a good king. Adoni killed Plainzed's brother so Plainzed was on the run because he thought he was next. Plainzed was Adoni's son. He met up with Keshub in the story.

Joshua and Moses were very important in the story as well, especially in the last half of the book.

When the Hebrews starting invading Canaan, the Gibeonites did not want to fight. Keshub became a spy! I don't know if he liked being a spy but it was fun to read about it.  The Gibeonites wanted to form an alliance with the Hebrews so that they would be safe. They saw the power of the "Star Namer," which is how they talked about God.  Eventually Keshub became a slave for the Hebrews but he was happy about it because he was treated better than ever before and he grew to love God.

My favorite part of the book was all the spying parts. I didn't like the beginning part where there was too much time being spent on his boring life.  I read the book in one night and I would recommend the book for Christians, anyone that likes adventure, and all kids.  My favorite character was Keshub because he is a lot like me.

The book is available and can be purchased "Wherever fine books are sold!"

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Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer {Peggy Consolver Reviews}

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