Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Never Too Many Planners

I have been showing off my planners lately and some people have asked how/why I use these planners.  They even think I am organized.  Haha!  I fake organization. If I didn't use my planners nothing would get done, so at least I can fake it.

We have seven planners. 
  1. Homeschool teacher planner
  2. Life planner
  3. Memories book
  4. Sebastian's life planner
  5. Kaelyn's life planner
  6. Sebastian's school planner
  7. Kaelyn's school planner
In a couple years when Miles joins the big kids we will have nine planners. Then Oliver will join and we will have eleven.  Woah.  I am getting ahead of myself. Let me break each planner down for you.

Homeschool Planner
If you read my blog, than you have already seen me talk about my homeschool planner and last week I just had an update on it.  I love this planner. We are cruising along in school because of it!

My Life Planner
I can't survive without it. Seriously. If it doesn't get written into my life planner, than I forget about it. 

My Life Planner on top and my Memories/Journal on the bottom

Memories Book
Erin Condren was having a HUGE sale one day shortly after Oliver was born and I also had a coupon. I was able to use both and got a crazy deal on a horizontal planner.  It has become my memories journal and a fun baby book for Oliver. This is purely for fun and has no functional purpose, but I do love looking at the pictures and reading about the kids. It is also crazy to see how much Oliver has changed in just three short months.

Kids Planners
This has cut down on questions big time with my kids. I put in what is happening for the week as well as the chores they need to do each day. There are no more questions. They know what is expected now and can plan their fun accordingly.

Sebastian doesn't decorate so much and this is a VERY tame week for Kaelyn. Hers usually look like an unicorn threw up on it. (I am so proud!! lol)
Kids Homeschool Books
Just like the life planners, this clearly shows my expectations for each day.  I write the assignments for the next day at the end of each day, just in case things change. Sebastian also uses this book for spelling practice and as scrap paper for math. It is nice to have it contained to one book per kid so that papers aren't flying all over the kitchen.
I like to use washi in between days. It makes me happy. It makes Kaelyn happy. Sebastian doesn't notice.

I am serious when I say these seven planners are needed.  Well, okay, only six of these are *needed* but that memories book is seriously my FAVORITE planner I have. I will look back on it with teary eyes. I won't look back on my homeschool planner. I plan on throwing it away next year!

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