Monday, October 17, 2016

Weeks 10 & 11: Pictures!

With my husband still home, but working from the office, the last two weeks have focused on me being a bit more independent with the kids. I was trying to rely on him less so that I could hand the coming week of my husband at work.  This week's wrap-up is mostly pictures, so enjoy a cute baby!

How are the kids doing?

The kids are doing well. I am pleased with how they are adapting to their new roles. The older two are helping out around the house and Miles is coming to love his role as a big brother.
We know how to have fun, at Oliver's expense.  He has no clue what is happening...

Oliver is official now!  He has been added to the back of our van.

We have even gotten in some school work! It is mostly science and art that we can all do together. Even Miles gets iin on the fun.

Oliver has some crazy hair after his baths.

The kids love their baby brother!

I knocked him out at church. I just love my my babies.

Sebastian has been an altar server for a few months but I finally managed to get some pictures of him after Mass on Sunday. He is adorable!  (and awesome)

How are the adults doing?

Tired. We are both very tired.

How are we still learning?

Little by little I have been adding back in some of our regular school work. So far we are going science experiments and art projects, some light reading, math, and some religion. Most everything is done together except Math and reading. It is going well and I am hoping to be back to our regularly scheduled lessons by the end of October. We will see how that goes. Wish me luck!

Weekly Wrap-Up

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