Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 12: On My Own

With Matthew physically being at work this week, I was officially on my own with all four kids. Honestly, it wasn't bad. We muddled through the week and we all made it to the other side unscathed. I did it! I am starting to add in some more school every day so that we can get back to a somewhat normal, albeit new routine as a homeschool family.  This past weekend we attended a family birthday party and went to Hershey Park. We all handled the outings well, including baby Oliver.

What was Sebastian doing?

Sebastian has now joined the men's dance class on Fridays!  He says that the teacher expects more from him in this class than his other classes and they do much more intense moves. He loves the class because he is surrounded by guys and he gets to do push-ups and act like a man. I am glad that our studio has such a great male role model teaching this class and showing the kids that you can be a guy taking dance classes and that it is a cool thing.

What was Kaelyn doing?

Kaelyn has now started taking voice lessons!  She was/is very excited. I am not surprised. She LOVES music and sings constantly at home. Voice lessons is helping her have a purpose and focus for all that singing.  I peeked in on her during her dance class and I love seeing her focus and work hard. This girl's head is all over the place at home so to see her focused and able to center herself during dance class is amazing. She is THE extrovert of the family and giving her some of these extra classes outside of the house helps her. She needs it!  So with co-op, dance class, voice lessons, and Sunday school, she is getting her meter charged up.

What was Miles doing?

What was Oliver doing?

Oliver is one month old!

What were the adults doing?

We binge watched Luke Cage. It was a very good series and besides a great looking lead actor, I loved the music. Surprisingly, I have been very happy with the Netflix-produced shows like Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. We didn't like Daredevil when we tried it out, but I think we are going to try it again and see if we like the second season. 

The big hit in our school

We have been doing tons of science experiments using the Young Scientist Club's Magic School Bus Subscription. It was a Christmas present from last year and after I found out I was pregnant I was hording all the kits to use during this time and it is working out! All three older kids like to be involved with the science experiments and we are learning a ton.

Weekly Wrap-Up

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