Friday, September 2, 2016

Week 5: Happy Birthday, Kaelyn!

This week we had two big events. Most important was the fact Kaelyn turned six years old!  How did she get so big so fast?  Second was our co-op starting up again. It wasn't a full co-op day, rather an orientation and safety day, but we all were able to socialize with our friends and have a fun day of it.

What was Sebastian doing?

This week we finished up with some of our book work until after the baby is born.  I didn't want to be in the middle of a chapter and then have to take a six week break.  Instead, from here until the baby is born we will be reviewing math and spelling and enjoying some fun projects we are going to do as a family. I have been hording our monthly Magic School Bus science kits just for this time, so we will be doing tons of science, which is always fun for everyone.

First day of co-op!

What was Kaelyn doing?

Kaelyn turned six!!  I don't know how that happened. Wasn't she just a baby yesterday?  She celebrated by planning her whole day. We were supposed to go to a park but it was a rainy morning so instead we watched a couple movies (her picks), ate lunch at McDonald's, went shopping for her birthday present at the Disney Store, went to Hershey Park for some frozen chocolates, ate Disney's Sci-Fi cafe's mac n cheese and finished the day with homemade Reese's peanut butter cup cake. Yum! She kept me busy all day but she had so much fun on her birthday. She is her mother's daughter afterall.  While we were at Chocolate World and she was wearing her Princess Elena dress, a two-year-old girl saw her and got so excited thinking Kaelyn was actually Princess Elena. She asked for a picture with Kaelyn and Kaelyn was so sweet with the little girl. I was proud of her and it was totes adorbs! (do people still say that?  No? Whatevs.)

What was Miles doing?

Miles is dealing with some allergies so he isn't sleeping well, but he is handling the minor pain well. Cake makes everything better, right?  He is also starting to string words together to make some basic sentences.  This week he spontaneously said, "Want go in!" while waiting to go in to co-op and "Baby blast off!" when he was talking about his baby brother being on the Little Einstein rocket. I think something is finally clicking in his head and speech is starting to come together for him.


What were the adults doing?

I am two weeks from the due date now.  Life is certainly getting harder. Unfortunately, nightly contractions have made me cranky in the evenings and I am ready to be done. My guess is September 13th, but honestly, who knows?! I also bought myself a "push present" for after delivery.  I bought a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Explosion!  It is one of those huge PBcups but it also has Reese's Pieces in it.  Oh- it will be a wonderful treat.

I made tshirts for the baby's arrival!

The big hit in our school

I have been putting the kids assignments into a notebook last week. I forgot to add a picture, so here is what we have been using and it has been great! It is simple but it gets the job done and the kids like knowing what is expected from them. Even though Kaelyn can't read, she can see how much she has to do and the sense of satisfaction from checking things off have helped her stay focus and engaged in school.

Weekly Wrap-Up

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