Saturday, August 27, 2016

Week 4: Full Term

Well, we made it. I am officially 37 weeks pregnant which means the baby is full-term and could potentially come at any point.  I haven't ever had a baby come early, so I don't expect to have this one before September 12th or so.  I am scheduling school to go through September 7th and then we will fill our days with fun yet educational activities after that until the baby arrives. The goal is to get 30 days of school in by the time we go on baby break. I think we can do that.

What was Sebastian doing?

Sebastian started doing Roman numerals in math class this week. It is confusing him, heck it confuses me, so we are taking it slowly.

What was Kaelyn doing?

Kaelyn is getting much stronger and confident in her reading skills. The biggest obstacle is getting her to focus for five minutes. 

What was Miles doing?

He received his favorite fruit: bananas, and he got a much needed haircut! His energy is still the same but he isn't near as cranky this week. Daddy has purposefully been giving him extra Daddy time and it seems to be working to make Miles a happier boy.
Before and After his haircut

What were the adults doing?

I am taking it easy at this point. I have had some dizzy spells and the doctor told me it is because of low blood pressure. The cure?  Drink water and put your feet up!  I can handle that.  I also got a nice haircut and a wonderful spa pedicure this week. Oh, it felt wonderful!
I tried my hand at making my own personal ECLP cover. Not bad for a first attempt.

Highlight of the week

We had another ultrasound and this week the baby was grouchy!  He was pouting, grimacing, and crying during the ultrasound. Hopefully he was upset because he was kicking himself in the face and not because of a personality trait.
Look at those cheeks!

The big hit in our school

I don't have a picture of them, but this week I started writing out the kids assignments into notebooks. They are able to cross off their list as they go and it worked to help motivate them to be a bit more independent and speedy in their work.
Sebastian has 24 days in and Kaelyn has 20 days in.

Weekly Wrap-Up

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