Saturday, August 13, 2016

Week 2: Go BLOO!

This week we completed our second week of school! For the most part, school went well but the two kids swapped days for who was going to behave poorly. Are we already in the "I hate school" phase at just week two?  I hope this doesn't become a struggle. I am hoping to get in six weeks of school before the baby comes and I need them to buckle down and give me a good attitude for these six weeks before we go on baby break.

What was Sebastian doing?

Sebastian struggled with large division problems (354782 divided by 452) but he made it through! Unfortunately, the first time he took his math test he got EVERY SINGLE ANSWER wrong. I made him retake the test and then he did fine. I learned that he was watching the TV when he took the test the first time. Lesson learned! Thankfully he was great about getting his chores done this week. He has been a HUGE help since there is so much I can't do at 35 weeks pregnant. 

What was Kaelyn doing?

Kaelyn is plowing through her math. She LOVES it and I am encouraging her to continue to work on it since it is coming easy to her and she is enjoying it. Even though she can read well, she is moping about it. She doesn't want to sound out words and would rather me tell her what the words are. This is becoming a struggle because she wants to be a lazy reader but I won't let her. I am trying to have her read a variety of things, some easy and some a little challenging, so that she can get confidence but also continue to learn and strive for more. It is wearing me thin a bit and Sebastian has taken it upon himself to help her read the more difficult passages since my patience isn't as great right now.

What was Miles doing?

Miles fell in love with Little Einsteins this week. He love rocket and he likes to do all the patting dancing, and movements with the show. The other two kids would just sit and watch so it is fun to see Miles get involved with the show.

What were the adults doing?

This week Matthew and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. Yup. Us old folks have made it ten years together.  We had celebrated with a little vacation back in April so we didn't do much for our actual anniversary. We went out to dinner with the kids. On Sunday we are even going to be getting a marriage blessing from our priest at church. I guess 10 years is a big deal. Love you, Mattiekins!

Highlight of the week

The best part of the week was going to the theaters to watch DCI's preliminaries. I was able to watch my sister do her thing and her drum corps, Blue Coats are in first position right now. GO BLOOOOO!!! I am very proud of her.

The big hit in our school

Sebastian is doing human anatomy this year in his science book, but what he likes best is the human anatomy coloring book I bought as a supplement to his school work! I read the text to him while he colors the pictures and learns about all the parts of his body.  I bought my book used on Amazon and there was one page ripped out, but for $4 I think it was a great deal. 

Weekly Wrap-Up

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