Friday, April 8, 2016

Field Trip Friday #5: The Hershey Story

It's time for another Field Trip Friday!  This past week we went to the Hershey Story to learn all about the man who started the Hershey Company.

It happened to be a homeschool day, so when we showed up we were given a packet for each kid to use as we walked through the museum.

I learned a ton about the man Milton Hershey as well as what his legacy left behind. Not only did he fail a bunch of times and not give up, he inspired the town to continue to grow as a community. Derry Church PA, now Hershey PA, is more than just the "sweetest town on earth."  Hershey is home to an amusement park, a start of the art hospital, a theater, and a community set of bringing the best to the people. I love the feel of the town and after learning about Milton, I am starting to understand why Hershey, PA is the way it is.

What we liked:

  • We got free chocolate in the Chocolate Lab and customized it with either white or dark chips.
  • Going at our own pace and seeing all the old time items on display
  • Learning about Derry Church (now renamed Hershey, PA!)
  • Trying to push a SUPER heavy bathtub on wheels (it is how the workers got product around the factory)

What we didn't like:

  • The museum isn't very big. It is basically one floor plus the chocolate lab where you get to make a chocolate bar.
  • My 8YO son wasn't a fan of the packet, so I let him not write anything down. I pick my battles.

Will we do it again?

We might. There isn't a whole lot to do, but I can imagine in a few years going again so that the babies can have fun with it. Homeschool day wasn't too much of a zoo so I wouldn't even have a problem doing homeschool day again in the future.

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