Friday, March 4, 2016

The Shark Brothers

by: Sebastian

Sebastian and Miles were in the ocean because their sister, Kaelyn, was chasing them after they angered her. Miles, who stuck his hand in the cold water, shrieked, "Lost! Lost!" Amazingly, Sebastian sensed they would have to swim soon. All Sebastian saw was water. Miles gave Sebastian a terrified hug. The unlucky brothers were sadly stuck in the ocean.

Sebastian threw a fishing line into the ocean and caught a jumbo fish. Miles grabbed the fish. Miles smacked the fish. Miles bit the fish. Quickly, the fish grew teeth. Sebastian suddenly realized it was a shark. A mom shark circled the boat angrily because Miles had her baby. Sebastian yelled, "Throw it!" which caused Miles to drop the baby shark into the boat. Sebastian threw the huge baby shark back into the ocean.

The mom attacked and vigorously destroyed the boat. Fearfully, Sebastian and Miles swam toward an island. The water was like ice on their skin. Sebastian built a fire. Miles, who caught fire, was splashed with water. Sebastian crafted a boat made out of strong birch logs, which he equipped with an epic harpoon. Sebastian and Miles made it home quickly because they used the boat's harpoon on the mom shark to get them home.

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