Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Day in our Homeschool

Each homeschool family's day look different.  Some people have a strict schedule they keep, others learn on the go, some take their school to the library, and others let education happen organically in life. Since there is merit in each of these takes, we try to use a little of everything so our days don't typically look the same every day.  We belong to a co-op, so on those days we don't do any extra school besides what we do with out friends.  Here is a fairly typical day in our school at home days.

My alarm is set for 7 am. Sometimes (really, never) the kids let me sleep in to 7 am. Most of the time I am awoken by the middle one. She has a hard time being by herself downstairs, so she looks for cuddles. At that point the baby is getting up and there is no point in pretending. The oldest slumps out of bed because of the ruckus of the other two kids, so we all get dressed and have some breakfast, which is usually cereal, but sometimes I am feeling guilty of the sugar and make eggs instead. 
7:30- On co-op days and days we get to daily mass, we file into the van to get going. We try to get to daily mass once a week, and so far this year we have been successful with this endeavor. 

8am- Mass

9am- Back at home. Snack time. I set up school while the kids usually charge around the house "playing" with each other, i.e. screaming loudly and pretending to be dinosaurs or something equally violent.

9:30 ish - Prayers, saint study, and we get to work. We first tackle the subjects and projects we do together. After that, I work with my middle child while the oldest plays with the youngest.

10:30 ish - Kids switch and I get the oldest for some one on one time. I assign him his lessons for the day and begin working with him. We try to finish up what I do with him before lunch so that he gets a break.

11:30 ish- Break and more dinosaur screaming occurs, or I send them outside.

12 noon ish- LUNCH!  One of our favorite times. It is usually left overs or sandwiches. Nothing intense, but it is a break from school and we let off some steam.

12:30 ish- Oldest gets back to work to finish his school. I typically sit at the table to keep him on track, but I will also do crafts with the other two kids, read books with them, or otherwise keep them engaged but near the oldest.

1:30 pm- Baby goes down for a nap. Mandatory quiet time for the other two kids so that I can recharge. If it is a nice day I force them outside.  I am an introvert and this time is necessary for my life, especially if I have to go to work that evening. I try to get some chores done at this time, but it is crucial for me to just have quiet so that I can center myself. Sometimes my oldest still has work to do, especially if we get started late and occasionally I have to work with one or the other during this time.

3:30 pm ish- Baby gets up, kids play together, chores, games, etc.  Sometimes we go shopping.  If I had to do work during the baby's nap, I take this time to get some quiet in by having the older kids go outside or by letting the kids watch some TV.

4pm- Get ready for work/ dinner/ etc. At this point the day is over but the house is usually a mess. (ha!) I try to have the kids clean up their messes while I get myself ready for the evening.

This isn't a strict schedule, and it isn't all inclusive.  Every day there are things that cause the "schedule" to change.  There are sicknesses, diaper blow outs, tantrums, teeth falling out, doctor appointments, library visits, and a billion other things that cause our days to change drastically. What we do every day is talk to each other. Pray together. Live life together.  I have never regretted home schooling my children, even though it can be challenging and difficult at times. It has brought us together and I love watching them learn every day. This is the best decision we have made for them, and my husband is 155% on board with it. Thank you, God, for my family. I couldn't be happier.

A Day in Our Homeschool

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