Tuesday, January 12, 2016

App Schoolin'

Technology is everywhere. We have computer, laptops, cell phones, tablets, smart watches.... the list goes on and on.  With my husband working in the technology field, we tend to utilize more technology than some, although I would say we are a fairly average technology house. With my husband's help, I have learned to harness technology for good in my daily life. Today I wanted to share with you four of the apps I use on my phone and tablet that make school and life easier.


Starfall.com is one of my favorite sites!  Although you can use it on the computer, you can also get it for your tablet. It is basically the same as the site, but I like being able to lock my two younger kids into the app on the tablet while I work with my older child. I don't have to worry about them getting into trouble on there. There is a ton on the site (and app) that is free, but I spent $35 to become a member, and I find it is worth every penny. You can download the app for free but the membership unlocks more content. My five-year-old daughter has learned many of her letter sounds by playing the games, is skip counting, and sings many songs because of the app. My not-quite-two-year-old LOVE the songs and will attempt to sing along. It is an easy "keep them busy" app that I know is educational and fun.

My Homeschool Grades

I had reviewed MyHomeschoolGrades.com almost three years ago (review here), but it has changed significantly since then. It has gotten so much better!  Technically, this isn't an app, but you go to the website on the tablet from a browser and it works like an app. We use it daily. I plan on re-reviewing it now that the kids are older and they have more functions on the site. It is a lesson planner, report card and transcript maker, attendance record, field trip planner, and activities organizer. It goes anywhere with you, if you have a smart phone, and it has kept me sane this year!

Plan to Eat

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to EatPlantoEat is another non-app that works like an app in the browser.  I should review this in the future as well because I LOVE it. It has taken almost all the stress out of planning meals, grocery shopping, and cooking. It is a recipe book where you can enter in your own recipes or grab recipes from online.  You can plan your weekly, monthly, yearly menu and then it will automatically make a grocery list (in proper organized groups) for you!  You can shop by day, week, or make a custom length. It is FANTASTIC!  Also, when you are ready to cook, it becomes your recipe book and it has a cooking view on the recipe that is easy to read and use when you are in the midst of the kitchen putting together a meal.  (Referral link to PlantoEat is an affiliate program and if you sign up under my link you will gain access to all my recipes)

IEW's Writing Tools

I am in love with the IEW program!  Everything about it is amazing. IEW's Writing Tools app comes either in the Lite version, which is free, or the expanded version. Obviously you get more with the expanded version and I opted to pay for this because I knew we would use it daily.  The Lite version only includes "Structural Models and Word Lists." It has charts for the nine units in the Teaching with Structure and Style method.  The expanded version goes on to include a "Thematic Thesaurus for Stylized Writing."  It is the thesaurus that gets used the most in my house. Not only does my eight-year-old use it, but I will pull it out as well! 

It is these four apps that get used the most in our house for school and general house life. I hope you check them out and start using them to help you get the most out of your life!

Our favourite Apps for Homeschooling iOS and Android

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