Monday, November 16, 2015

One-Third Complete!

Last week was week 12 of our school year!  With that news I can do a little dance because we are now officially over 1/3 of the way through our school year! My goal is to get to the halfway point by the time we take our Christmas break.

In celebration, we took two field trips this weekend. On Saturday we went to a free family concert of a local community orchestra. We were able to listen to the orchestra and there were also some educational activities offered to keep the kids engaged in the concert. On Sunday we went to our local zoo and did a little research on some of the animals they had there.

So, how are we doing? What is working and what isn't?

What isn't working

  • Memorizing. I am doing a bad job with our classical curriculum. I don't spend time getting the kids to memorize facts like we are supposed to. Although I love the idea, I am not good with the follow through.
  • Kindergarten. Kaelyn is doing a great job with math, but she isn't ready to do much more than about 15 - 20 minutes of anything. She knows her letter sounds and can sound out easy words but is struggling with her own speech and saying blends correctly. This will take time and I have no problem slowing down and doing things at her speed. I just have to adjust plans for her.The biggest struggle is reading aloud to her. She doesn't pay any attention and I can't get her to answer any questions about what I read. Although I can get frustrated, I am trying to remember that she is a very young five. 
  • Sebastian's handwriting.  IT IS SO BAD! I want it to be legible, or he has to become a doctor. Maybe I should do typing classes instead.
  • Entitled attitudes.  Every year Halloween comes, and then Thanksgiving, and the worst- Christmas.  The kids become spoiled and I have a hard time with their attitudes until they are readjusted some time in January.  Then burn out hits in February... This year I am combating the Christmas attitude by hitting it head on in November.  We have taken away all electronics. The struggle is real!

What is working

  • Sebastian's course work. I am so happy with the curriculum we chose. He can do most of it himself with some guidance from me. My favorite part is the writing curriculum (Institute for the Excellence in Writing). It was an expensive purchase, but it was worth every penny!
  • Planning the year ahead of time. Boo-yah!  Best thing I ever did this summer. That was worth the month of hand cramps!
  • Naptime.  At the beginning of this school year I decided to become a mean mommy and I put Miles down every afternoon for a nap. If he didn't nap, at least I would have some time to myself.  He started to take naps!  Yes, this child didn't start napping until he was 18 months old, but now he takes one every afternoon. He still cries for a few minutes when I put him in the crib, but at least he gets more rest and I get some time for myself. Win-win!
  • Library card. Although we have a $9 fine on our card at the moment, we have saved so much more by borrowing tons of books from the library. We would be bankrupt if I bought all the books and CDs we have taken from the library.  Normally I am very good about getting the books back to the library on time, but a few times a year I forget. I figure it is our monthly membership cost. ;-)

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