Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Today I wanted to share with you a writing assignment Sebastian completed last week. We are using the Institute for the Excellence in Writing (IEW) as our curriculum for writing. After having completed their primary program to teach reading and writing, I decided to look into their more expensive program for writing in grades 3 and up.  After using their program for about half a year, I have seen huge improvements in Sebastian's writing.  Here is his latest story. If you know Dragonball-Z or Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, than you might recognize this story. He used the story of Rudolph, but changed the setting and characters to those of the Dragonball-Z world. It ended up working very well!


by: Sebastian

In the country lived Goku, who was a saiyan from planet Vegeta. Strangely, he had a monkey tail. Goku didn't have friends. Since he had lots of free time, he carefully practiced hardcore fighting like a brutal warrior.

One day, Vegeta, an evil saiyan with tons of pride, crashed his minipod on earth like a meteor. Vegeta was carelessly attacking everybody and no one could defeat him. Four people died. Goku, who was outraged by this, turned kaio-ken. Fearlessly, he charged with all his might.

After a while of fighting, the hero saiyan skillfully threw a spirit bomb. Vegeta, who had turned into a great ape, could not withstand the attack. Goku fell down to the ground. He was whisked away to the hospital. Goku was now famous! Vegeta learned he was not as powerful as Goku and decided to leave the planet. Astonishingly, Goku learned anyone could be number one, as long as they turn kaio-ken.

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