Saturday, June 27, 2015

It's Official!

It is official. Today I sent in the affidavit to my school district stating I am home educating my son. Why does that make me nervous?  I have been teaching him at home for a few years now, so this isn't  a new adventure for us.  There are even less constraints on me, now that the school district has been taken out of the portfolio step. I guess it is just the fact that the school district now knows. I feel like a giant target has been slapped on my back.
 I love teaching my children. I love spending every day with them. Of course there are times when I have had enough and I need a break, but I am very happy with the decisions we have been making for the family. Incredibly, we have been blessed my following God's lead and trusting in Him. We have taken some leaps of faith and He has been there to catch us.

This year I look forward to getting Sebastian to start being much more independent.I will be expecting him to check some of his work and to know what needs to be done every day by using a planner we will be writing in together. The idea is that by middle school he will be doing the majority of his work by himself, using me or his father as a guide when needed. I expect to only help keep him on schedule and get things done in time so that he can be autonomous for high school. As part of our mission as parents, we need to help our children learn to be self-sufficient, and I can start planting these seeds now.

Kaelyn will be in kindergarten! I can't believe it. Our goal is to get her to start reading this year. She knows her letters and some of the sounds, so hopefully this year she will be put some easy words together and simple sentences. 

Miles is a baby. My goal is to finally wean him and get him to sleep in his own bed. 

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