Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year Interviews completely missed blogging in December. Can you believe that a homeschooling mom that also has a part time job could be busy? Me neither. 😉

New Year's Eve night, as part of our festivities, my family did a New Year's interview. Here are some of the fun responses.

What is your favorite thing to wear?

Dad- T-shirt and jeans
Mom- this new purple fluffy PJ outfit
Sebastian (7 YO)- creeper backpack, dragon t-shirt, jeans
Kaelyn (4 YO)- dance outfits!
Miles (10 MO)- nothing! I like being naked!

What is your favorite toy?

Dad- Sebastian's new remote helicopter
Mom- my imagination!
Sebastian (7 YO)- Fusion fighters
Kaelyn (4 YO)- Shimmer Style Salon with Rapunzel
Miles (10 MO)- Kaelyn's snowman kit

What is one cool thing you learned this past year?

Dad- Japanese grammar
Mom- how to enjoy my time off
Sebastian (7 YO)- how to properly play Pokemon cards
Kaelyn (4 YO)- I learned how to write a bunch of letters
Miles (10 MO)- how to crawl

How do you like to spend your time?

Dad- playing Minecraft
Mom- crafting!
Sebastian (7 YO)- flying my helicopter
Kaelyn (4 YO)- me too crafting!
Miles (10 MO)- getting into trouble

What is your favorite song?

Dad- "Welcome to the Show" (from Rainbow Rocks)
Mom- "Attaboy" (from Goat Rodeo)
Sebastian (7 YO)- "Miles, you're so fine" (this is a song I made up, based upon the "Mickey, You're so Fine" from the 80's)
Kaelyn (4 YO)- Let it Go (no surprises here...)

What is your favorite book?

Dad- by J.J. Abrams
Mom- The Timeline Bible book by Jeff Cavins
Sebastian (7 YO)- Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher by Bruce Coville
Kaelyn (4 YO)- Disney Princess Reading Adventure
Miles (10 MO)- Baby's Noisy Book from Usborne

What did you love most about last year?

Dad- Miles
Mom- Miles joining our family
Sebastian (7 YO)- Miles being born
Kaelyn (4 YO)- Daddy
Miles (10 MO)- being born!

What do you look forward to the most this year?

Dad- Great Wolf Lodge
Mom- going back to Hersheypark
Sebastian (7 YO)- Miles turning 1
Kaelyn (4 YO)- the helicopter
Miles (10 MO)- walking

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