Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Starting Preschool

School has started up very slowly and gently.  So far we have gone on a few field trips and had four days doing book work.  We continue to read books together and we do tons of crafts.

Right now I am following her lead. She has been writing letters, so I decided to pull out Handwriting Without Tears and teach her the capital letters. Her favorite part so far has been Mat Man. She likes to sing the song all the time, not just during school.
Kaelyn's Mat Man, before we worked together.

Same day, after we worked together. Mat Man even has a belly button (to poke).
Just like her brother, she wanted a visual board for school. We made this together to show off some of her crafts from this week.
Kaelyn's visual board. This week we focused on her name recognition, Mat Man, and the alphabet.

 Kaelyn enjoyed the fine motor skill lesson. She took glue and traced her name and then put sequins on the glue to make a beautiful sequin name plate. She also used glue to trace her name and she shook glitter on it.

My happy monster
The best lesson we did this week?  PEACH PIE!!! nom nom nom...

This girl is just a riot.

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