Sunday, June 8, 2014

Things to do This Summer

Summer is fast approaching. Many schools are already out for the year. In our school, All Saints Academy, we have four days left. Wahoo!  This teacher is more excited than the students.

I love being with my kids, and even though we won't have any formal lessons, I want to keep them engaged this summer. As a family we came up with a list of adventures to embark on this summer.

We have this hanging in our living room.
In general, I want to have fun and make wonderful memories with the kids. I can't believe my oldest will be seven this year. I want him to look back on childhood and have memories filled with adventure. This summer we are going full throttle fun. Lock and load!

Here is a more general list you can use, if you also want to go on an adventure this summer. There is plenty of room at the bottom to add in specific adventures for where you live.

Things to do This Summer FREE PDF

We will be posting pictures and writing about our adventures, so stay tuned for an amazing summer. I hope you join us- I would love to read about what you are all doing too!
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