Thursday, January 2, 2014


Not only did I update the look of this blog, but I am updating things at home as well. First of all, we have a new baby coming in February. This means changing up my daughter's room to make space for a crib and pulling out the old baby clothes and finding space in my drawers for them.

We are also finishing up curriculum this month which means we will be starting new curriculum after our maternity leave in February and March.

I am excited for the changes.  We are going to be doing some Seton books- English 1 (for review) and American History 1 (because I want a Catholic perspective for history). We will also be moving ahead in math by starting the Beta book in Math-U-See. We are also going to be starting a new science subject- Earth and Space by R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey. Finally, for extra fun we will be adding Latin to the list of subjects we are learning!  I just recently acquired Prima Latina and both Sebastian and I are excited to delve into that.

New baby, new house organization, new curriculum changes, and a new blog look. 2014 is starting off exciting!

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