Saturday, December 14, 2013

31 Weeks, 2 Months to Go!

I cannot believe that I am 31 weeks already. Now that this semester is almost over I can start thinking about what is to come in February.  I have been living week by week up until this point, so it is refreshing to breathe and start thinking about preparing. 

My highest priority will be to empty out the freezer in the basement so that I can make meals to freeze for a few weeks after baby is born. I have some new recipes to try and I am planning on going dairy free after the new year since both of my previous babies had dairy issues.

My next priority is to clean up the bedrooms, go through newborn clothes, and figure out if there is anything I need to buy for this one.

I am getting excited, but I do NOT want the baby to come early. I have a lot of things to do before Valentine's Day!

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