Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekly Lesson Planning

For the past month or so, I have been doing weekly lesson planning. It happened because we moved our home school room into the kitchen/dining room and it was easier to have a bucket for the week filled with everything we would need for the week. I have to say this is a wonderful way to plan. 

I have a manilla folder for each day of the week and fill it with the papers we will need for that day. On Monday I take out what we need and am able to clean it up easily for lunch and end of day. I am also able to see how the week went and adjust plans for what work needs to move slower or faster for the next week.  I used to plan six or more weeks at a time and if there was a sick day or learning difficulties it would mess all the plans up.  This way I am able to adjust easier.

The only downside is that every weekend I need to carve out some time to plan the following week, and with our printer currently not working I need to plan ahead for any papers that might need to be printed or made.

This past week we made stained glass windows in school for art class. The kids want to do it again for Christmas and make Christmas tree windows.  I love their creativity.

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