Monday, October 28, 2013

New Home School Room

It has been a stop and go kind of homeschool month for us. We started strong, ended up taking a week off because the teacher was sick, and then we are starting up again today.  The one thing I am extremely excited about is a change in venue for lessons.

We used to do our lessons in the office/music room. We have two small 1950's style desks that the kids would sit at. Unfortunately, the kids had a very hard time focusing in that room and there were way too many fights. We moved to the kitchen table which means that the dining room has been redone to house our home school items we use daily. We also moved the dry erase board and bulletin board into the dining room as well.

Our newly organized home school bookshelf in the dining room.
It works very well for us. We moved the table from the dining room into the kitchen, so we have a lot of open space under the chandelier (which means my hubby hits his head all the time) so we put Kaelyn's children table there for now. It still is a work in progress, but working at the kitchen table works so much better for us.

Ideally I would love to have a home school room that is seperate from the office and music room (and any other room) but that just isn't possible. This seems to work well for us. It also gives my son incentive to get finished by lunch time.

The week after our school week was when I was moving things around, so instead of doing our normal curriculum we spent the week doing "stealth schooling" or "unschooling" as some people call it. Here are a few of the projects we did:

Sebastian's Van Gogh sunflowers (no help from me)

Kaelyn's Van Gogh (I did the cutting of the circles only)
Painted pumpkins!
We also attempted to create the Nile river in a pan with potting soil, seeds, and water but I messed up and we now have the Nile swamp, lol. The grass is growing so it looks better now, but it is not a river. We love to do crafts together so we got a ton of art in this week. Additionally we spent time with science, home economics (Sebastian is becoming quite the chef), and music. We also read some books together and just relaxed. There was zero handwriting (Sebastian's least favorite part of life). It was a nice change of pace, but it was necessary to get back on track with our regularly scheduled programming this week.

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