Thursday, August 8, 2013

St. Dominic School

We renamed our homeschool St. Dominic School for this year. Sebastian wanted a saint that was about science or math. St. Dominic is the patron saint of astronomy and scientists, so Sebastian was sold. This year we will study St. Dominic and ask him to pray for us, our homeschool, and our educations. I found two kid-friendly websites that we will be using as good biographical information: Web Hero and Holy Spirit Interactive. From Web Hero it states,
"Saint Dominic is the patron saint of astronomy and science, a reflection of his lifelong love of learning and teaching. He was a well educated man who believed that a strong intellectual base would allow a man to preach more convincingly, and therefore convert more people to the faith."
I was very pleased with Sebastian's choice because now I have a great way to introduce more rosary devotion.

The Dominican order has two mottos I love: Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare ("To Praise, To bless, To preach") and Contemplare et Contemplata Aliis Tradere ("To study and to hand on the fruits of study"). We are using the latter only because it fits with the idea of education while also touching on studying not only math facts but our religion as well.

We also decided our colors will be blue and yellow to symbolize a young (blue) star growing into an older (yellow) star. It also represents an older star teaching the younger star.

Finally, our mascot is the snow leopard. Just because.
This is our current logo. We may change it, but I think it works for now.

And here is our logo with our school name. Looks legit, right?

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