Thursday, August 15, 2013

14 weeks!

Tomorrow marks 14 weeks of this pregnancy, with baby #3.  I cannot believe how fast this first trimester went!  I will be officially in the second trimester. I think it went so fast because I was never feeling horrible. It didn't even really feel like I was pregnant because I never threw up or was incapacitated with nausea in my bed. It was very minor. Thank you, God!  I don't know how I would have been able to handle this summer if I was as miserable as other pregnancies.

This is my first comparison shot! I didn't take a picture of me at 14 weeks when I was pregnant with Sebastian, but here is one of me pregnant with Kaelyn.
14 weeks with Kaelyn
14 weeks with "Lightning Baby" (what my son is calling our 3rd baby)
"For he commands his angels with regard to you, to guard you wherever you go" ~Psalm 91:11

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