Monday, June 3, 2013

Why do you veil?

Recently I started wearing a black veil to mass. No one has said anything rude to me or gawked at me like I was afraid they would. Only one person even mentioned it to me. All he asked was why I did it.

I do not wear a veil because the angels would be mad at me.

I do not veil because of any Bible quote.

I do not wear a veil because I am better than anyone else.

I do not wear a veil to signify my submission to men.

I do not veil to show off any piety or to attract attention of others.

I veil because it is a physical reminder TO ME that the Holy Mass is sacred. Jesus really does come to us in the Eucharist. I am very much in HIS presence at mass, and I feel that the veil is a reminder of the sanctity, sacredness, and importance of the Mass. By putting on the veil, I am getting myself ready physically, emotionally, and spiritually for the sacrifice of the Mass.

I will not require my daughter to wear a veil. I will never pressure her into it and will let her decide for herself. Currently she does not wear a veil because she has not shown any desire in mine.

The short of it is that I veil because I want to be alive for Jesus. Pope Francis said, "Let us keep the flame of faith alive through prayer and the sacraments: let us make sure we do not forget God." By veiling I will not forget about the presence of God at Mass, and I hope and have faith that I will remain passionate about His real presence with us.

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