Friday, June 21, 2013

Review: Classical Historian Memory Game

I received the Classical Historian Medieval History Memory Game to review.

The Classical Historian has memory games for Ancient History, Medieval History, and American history for $14.95 each, but they have a bundle deal for $39.95 for all three. They also sell Go Fish games, full Socratic history curriculum for grades 6-12 and online classes as well.

There are two ways to play the games. One way is the traditional memory games. There are 64 matching cards, which I thought would be a bit difficult for my 6-year-old-son, so I picked 26 of the cards I thought would be good talking points with him.

Some of the cards I picked were St. Francis, The Last Supper by Da Vinci, The Pope, and William Shakespeare. As he turned over the cards I talked about them briefly, trying to give a new fact about the picture each time he turned it over. This might require some research ahead of time, but I just went by the things that were already in my head. I could see how well this would work in collaboration with a history program and a great way to complement teaching the Medieval era.

His 2-year-old sister was interested in playing, so I did a little 3x3 game with her at the same time. She wasn't trying too hard, lol.

The other way to play the games is to go through the catergories and place cards accordingly.
I didn't do this with my kids, but I will admit it was fun for me. I was able to place all the cards correctly (and no, I didn't time myself). I enjoyed playing it this way because it reminded me that things in different parts of the world were happening at the same time, even if they weren't interacting with each other yet.

Overall we enjoyed this cute game. My son eats up facts and can absorb and remember the things I say to him easily that I would do more research and play the games with other cards so he gets to know more facts. Eventually I would like him to play it and tell me the facts. I can see how this helps with history lessons by and fun and variety to the school day.

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