Saturday, February 23, 2013

Free Online Blog Planner Review

Now that I am blogging more regularly because of working with Mosaic Reviews, having a blog planner is a bit of a necessity. As part of the team we were given a few to choose from to use and review as our first official review.

I chose Homeschool Creation's yearly blog planner to use. You can find this planner for FREE here.
Cute design and colors!

The reason I chose this planner was because I liked the clean format and the simple look of it. I don't like too much "stuff" on my planner. I like to be able to make it my own. It is easy for me to use because I can see my month and reviews that are due that month, flip the page and see what blogs I have scheduled during the weeks.

I just use one sticky tab to locate the current week in the planner
I usually keep my planner open to the week page so that I can see what I am supposed to be working on for the upcoming blog posts.

I don't use the extra pages in the back of the planner because I have a small blog.  I don't have incomes and expenses, I don't watch my website analytics, nor do I follow certain hashtags or link-ups regularly. However, those pages could be very handy for people who are growing their blogs or are using their blog as a source of income.

I added on some extra pages for myself at the end of the planner to help me write up my reviews and keep track of the products I will be reviewing.

Extra reviewing pages at the back of the planner
  • Clean and easy to read
  • Plenty of room to jot down notes, ideas, etc.
  • Extra pages to help develop your website
  • Check boxes to use to help remind you to post to social media sites
  • Not too many colors for easy print out and cheaper on the toner
  • The year-at-a-glance ends with 2013 (Maybe Jolanthe will make a new one for 2013-2014, or it is possible to make your own)
What do you use for your blog planning? Let me know if you try this out. Maybe you have some ideas to make it even better!

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Jennifer said...

Great review! I especially like the reminder to keep the review paperwork with the planner. :)