Monday, November 19, 2012

A Typical Day

I have been asked by a few people what  typical day looks like for me. I am not sure why you would be interested, but here is a snapshot of a typical day in my life.

8 am- Wake up, but pretend to still be sleeping for a few minutes

8:30 am- Get the kids downstairs, let out the dog, get breakfast for everyone

9 am- brush teeth, wash faces, get everyone dressed. The kids typically play while I do mom duty stuff (cleaning, laundry, etc.)

10:30 am- Session I of school for Sebastian. This is when we do our religious studies, handwriting practice, journaling, and story time.  Kaelyn usually is coloring pictures or playing with blocks while Sebastian and I work together.
Kaelyn was doing school with her baby on her back.

11 am- The kids play together, possibly watch some TV while I do more mom duty stuff, or we go grocery shopping/do errands, or I play with them.

12:30 pm- Lunch time! 
We made our own Lunchables meal at home. Saltines and cut up cheese and bologna.

1 pm- Kaelyn goes down for a nap while Sebastian and I do Session II of school. This is where we do the bulk of our school- math, phonics, viola practice, tons of lapbooks and games, as well as sight words and character building.  This is also the longest session of the day lasting between 1-2 hours (depending on how Sebastian is doing). After he finishes his work he usually plays some Minecraft on the computer while I file papers away, do any grading, and organize for tomorrow. I then typically get prepared for dinner and then get dressed for work.

3:30 pm- Kaelyn wakes up from her nap and then we do Session III of school. This is the last session and usually doesn't take too long.  We do science experiments, music and art activities, reading practice, spelling practice, and phys ed.  This is the fun time with the kids, but this session sometimes gets cut if I run out of time during the day. I am working on ways to make this session more of a priority because Kaelyn and Sebastian really dig the activities I plan during this time.

Painting pumpkins
4:30 pm- Kids watch TV while I finish dinner and eat some myself.

5:30 pm- Matthew gets home, I kiss him and the kids good-bye and get myself to work

I get home different times each day of the week, but it is somewhere between 8 pm and 10:30 pm. I come home, grab a snack to eat, and then I finally have some time for myself!  I usually am able to watch a show on TV before I pass out on the couch and Matthew tells me to go to bed.

And then it starts all over again.

There are some days it feels as if I am a train, never stopping, but it is completely worth it. Right now, as I am typing this blog post, I am watching my children play with a laundry basket. They are taking turns being "in jail" and trying to find ways to break out. My clean laundry is all over the floor, but I don't care. I hear so many giggles and I see so many smiles, so the laundry can be on the floor. I would miss these moments if Sebastian was off at school. Sure, life would be easier, but it wouldn't be richer. I have the life that is perfect for me.

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Barbara said...

It's amazing that you have time to write this blog! I'm curious as to what "work" is for you. Besides full time Mommy, that is.