Saturday, September 29, 2012

Prayers, Fasting, and a Novena for the Election

At St Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish in Mechanisburg, they petitioned their  parishioners to begin 40 days of prayer and/or fasting for the return of our nation to God....

"We have systematically asked God to leave, and He graciously has obliged. We would like to see our nation re-dedicated to His name, as George Washington did at his inauguration.   Many of us think that this can only happen by God's own hand and not by our own doings.  This is thus an apolitical event, with no endorsing of anyone.  I firmly believe that if enough of us are willing to "rend our garments" and "put on sackcloth and ashes", miracles can happen: even the conversion of our current president. That being said, I wonder if members of your churches would be willing to take on 40 days of prayer and fasting beginning Thursday (40 days before election day).  The Lord will hear and answer us if enough of us are sincere in this effort.

We are leaving the "sacrifice" up to the individual.  Daily rosary, divine mercy chaplet, bible reading, etc..  Something over and above what one usually does.  Some of us are fasting in some way.  For instance, I am giving up coffee (please pray my marriage survives).   There is no program per se.  The idea evolved in one of our prayer groups and mushroomed into what hopefully will become accepted by many parishioners.   Perhaps you can pass this along to your parishes, family and friends."

I have decided to set an alarm and get up BEFORE my children in order to have time to read, pray, and reflect.  This is something I used to do, and then sleeping in became a priority.  I want to get back on the Bible train and feed my spirit again.  Sebastian is only five and he hasn't decided what he wants to do yet. I suggested putting a toy on a shelf each week and not playing with it. We'll see what he decides.

Another wonderful prayer is the Religious Liberties Novena. It starts today and there is a link to EWTN's mass and novena as well as a booklet you can download to do the novena on your own (or with family and friends) at home.

This is an exciting time for our nation.  We now decide who we want to lead us and be the face of our nation. Who becomes our president doesn't matter as much as the prayers we offer for him. That is what is beautiful about this 40 day sacrifice and Religious Liberties Novena. Prayer is powerful. Prayer is what will help our nation survive another 236+ years. Our children deserve our prayers for our country, will you join me?

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