Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My 9 Favorite Disney Characters

My 9 Favorite Disney Characters!  

This was a hard one because I love so many Disney Characters.  Here we go...

9. Dory

Who doesn't love Dory?  She has a great attitude on life: positive and forgiving.  I think I am a lot like her, so that is why I like her.  She is just super fun (like me)!
"I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy Come on, Squishy Come on, little Squishy... 

8. Abu and carpet

I have an obsession with the non-speaking animal side kicks in Disney movies. They are usually steal the scene, IMO. Abu and carpet are no exception, and I always like a trouble-making monkey.

7. Rafiki

I love the crazy characters, what can I say?  He cracks me up with his antics. The Lion King needed some humor during those heavy parts and Rafiki (as well as Timon and Pumba) lighten up the movie when needed.  By the way, The Lion King is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time.  It was #1 and then Tangled came out... now they are tied for first place.
"Look beyond what you see."
This is in Animal Kingdom, over by Rafiki's Planet Watch

6. The cockroach

I have seen Wall-E roughly 8,945,654,156 times.  Sebastian was OBSESSED with the movie for about a year.  Every once and a while we still get it out, but he has moved on to Star Wars.  The cockroach and Mo are my favorite parts of the movie. Since they aren't exactly a duo I picked the cockroach. He doesn't speak, and he gets to swim in a Twinkie!

5. Maximus and Pascal

Ok, ok.  Technically Maximus and Pascal from Tangled are not a duo either, but come on... they are both awesome! (P.S. I haven't seen Tangled Ever After yet. I didn't care to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D just to see this short. Disney better release it to me or I am going to flip.) Update: Part way through typing up this blog post, Tangled Ever After came on on Disney Jr.  That was hysterical. Thanks, Disney for delivering on my threat.

4. Doofenshmirtz

Phineas and Ferb is one of the best shows Disney has made in a long time. The whole family watches it and enjoys it together.  Who do I like?  The zany villain who just can't get himself together.  Hilarious.
"Behold, Perry the Platypus - SHRINKSPHERIA! You like it? I was going to call it a Shrinkinator, but I've done that whole -inator thing before, it's been done to death."

3. Dug

The movie Up is another great Pixar-Disney collaboration.  The music was so well composed and the darn movie made me cry like a baby within the first 15 minutes.  I actually run away and hide now, and I don't come back in until after that montage is over.  My tear ducts can't handle the overload.  Anyway, my favorite character is Dug, the doofus dog that is so much like my dog, Nanaki, it is unreal. Seriously.  I think Disney saw footage of my dog and went "Hey, let's put him in a movie!"
"My name is Dug.  I have just met you and I love you!."

2. Mickey Mouse

Ah, yes.  You cannot forget the mouse that started it all.  He is in a class all his own.
"I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I have ever known." ~Walt Disney

1. Donald Duck
I feel bad for Donald.  I know he has an anger problem, but those chipmunks are out of line!  He has always been my favorite and always will.
    at Chef Mickey's
    On our honeymoon

    Getting his autograph!


    Heidi said...

    You're too cute! Loved your list - seriously LOVED! You picked some different, off-the-wall characters. Thanks for joining the fun!

    Debs said...

    Great list! I totally forgot about Wall-E and Dug when I made my list!! I love them too!!

    Jennifer said...

    Totally awesome list!!!!!

    Paisley Parmer said...

    Love your list!