Thursday, January 19, 2012

Star Wars Days

The past two days have been a Jedi-filled whirlwind of homeschool fun. Since Christmas (when Matthew got the Lego's Star Wars Complete Saga video game), Sebastian has been obsessed with Star Wars. I knew just what to do. Since I follow Homeschool Creations, I knew about a Star Wars preschool pack she had made. Even though Sebastian is doing kindergarten-level work, I figured I could adapt it to suit him.

 On Wednesday we went to the library and I let Sebastian pick out a few Star Wars books to take home and read.

Library Stash
As you can see, he is very happy to have all these books to read.  His favorite is the character encyclopedia.  I caught him reading it before I woke up for the day.  I loves to just look at the pictures and talk about the characters he knows. He also loves to "read" the books after I have read them to him.  He goes back and tries to retell the story based on the pictures and what he remembers. I love the library!

Sebastian can easily count to 14, and can add and subtract, so instead of just having him count starfighters I had him do math facts.

Starfighter Subtraction
 In this picture we were working on subtraction.  I would put the first part up (12-10=) and then he would have to use the Starfighters as manipulatives and get the answer, find the number in the stack and place it in the proper place.  He actually didn't like this game too much.  He doesn't like manipulatives.  He prefers doing the math in his head and then writing the answer down. After a few rounds of Starfighter math he asked for a worksheet instead.  I obliged him and gave it to him, even though I think they are boring. He is so much like his father.  Sebastian is going to be doing math laps around me soon and then Matthew will get to teach him math.  I hope that happens soon ;)

Check out Homeschool Creations and the Star Wars preschool pack.  
It was so much fun!


Jolanthe Erb said...

Great job adapting it to work for him!!! Thanks for sharing it with me too. :)

Sarah said...

Oh my boys love Star Wars too! I have one who loves to use manipulatives, and another who does it all in his head. Go figure! Jolanthe has so many neat did a great job adapting this pack! Stopping by from Preschool Corner.