Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Lanterns

This week we had pumpkin week with our homeschool.  One of the crafts we did was pumpkin lanterns.  They turned out amazing!  It was easy.  We made our own Modge Podge, took some glass jars and painted them with the Modge Podge.  We then stuck on orange and yellow tissue paper and stuck them on the jar.  We then painted it again with more Modge Podge (because Sebastian loves to paint with glue).  He then put some glitter on the jars.  That took a lot of self-control.  He wanted to DUMP the glitter, but I was able to get him to be light with it.

The pumpkin face one was orange paint over the glass jar with tape cut out for eyes, nose, and mouth.  After I painted it I pulled off the tape.

Our completed lanterns with candles in my fireplace
These are cool enough that I will pack them away for future years, and maybe make more when Kaelyn can do one.

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bgorden said...

Those look SO AMAZING!! What a fun, clever idea! I am pinning this for future use! Thanks for linking up on Living Life Intentionally Linky Party =-)