Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yes. We are "that" family

I like matching shirts.  I can admit it.  To each their own, and I like to make my family match when we go on vacation (and on random days in the house too!)  I don't know how long I have before Sebastian will refuse to wear matching shirts (it happened once this summer already) but I will do it as long as I can.

It started with our honeymoon.
These shirts I bought from Disney.  Cute, right?

When we decided to go to Disney in 2009 I knew I wanted out family to have matching shirts, but buying all three of us shirts for a week vacation would have been insane, so I decided to make a bunch of our shirts.

 These shirts I tye-dyed and then painted on Mickey Mouse ears with an R in the middle (for our family name).

These are my favorite shirts.  I also did some tye-dye and then I stamped on mini- Mickey Mouse heads in different colors all over the front of the shirt.  I then went over the Mickey's and added glitter.

These shirts are Mickey Mouse shaped fireworks. I used pipe cleaners and dipped them in fabric paint to make the fireworks. Since you can't see this shirt very well, here is a close-up picture of this shirt:

It was cold in Disney and some of the shirts I made we wore under jackets.  Here is my least favorite shirt I made.  I'm not sure why I picked yellow, but here you have it.  It is the same mini- Mickey Mouse heads I stamped on the tye-dyed shirt. This time I added a fancy R.

I wanted to have a shirt that was a memory of the date, so here is my 2009 Mickey Mouse firework shirt.  This is Matt's favorite shirt.

I didn't make these shirts, but we matched when we wore these.  They are Rinehart University shirts that my in-laws bought us.  Can you tell this is the end of the vacation?  I hadn't slept in a few nights because Sebastian had an ear infection and wouldn't sleep unless he was sleeping ON TOP of me.

I can't stop at our Disney vacation.  We also like to match on Halloween too!
 In 2009 the family dressed up as Chocobos.  Our button sayd "Chocobo, not chicken."  I made these outfits.  What a task!  I cut out each feather and glued them all over the front and back of those shirts.  It took about two weeks to do it all.  Never again.  It looked cute tho!

Last year we dressed up as the gang from Phineas and Ferb. Matt was Dr. Doofensmirtz, Sebastian was Phineas, I was Candace, and Kaelyn was Ducky Momo.These outfits were a lot easier to make.  I painted a Ducky Momo's face on a onsie I dyed yellow, and then I painted orange stripes on a white t-shirt for Sebastian.  I did buy orange spray for our hair. (That stained our scalps for weeks!)

I like being "that" family.  I love matching and I hope I don't become lame too soon.  I know it will happen, but for now I enjoy every minute of our matching-happy lives.

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Heidi said...

Wow, Elyse - you are rockin' those matching shirts! We did the fireworks shirts for the 4th of July last summer. I never thought to make them in Mickey head shapes - how clever! I think my favorites are the tie-dye ones with the Mickey head stamps. Very cool!