Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday: Chore Charts

It has been over a week that I have been home and on a new schedule.  The schedule is working beautifully for us.

In the morning I wake up, do my morning chores, and get everyone breakfast.  I then have a few chores I do (which changes each day of the week) as well as a chore that happens once a month.  During the morning hours I also get out and do any errands that need to happen.  I try to get all my housework done by lunch so that I can homeschool Sebastian while Kaelyn is taking a nap and then after his school work is done I can relax for a little until Kaelyn wakes up from her nap.  Then it is all play until dinner time.

This system seems to be working very well for me.  I made a chore chart for myself and also for Sebastian (he has jobs like feed the dog, brush teeth, get dressed, etc.).  I laminated them and just use a dry erase pen to mark off when jobs have been finished.  It is making the housecleaning SO much easier for me.  I know what to do everyday and I know that in a month my house is going to be spotless!

Here is what I use for my own chores:

Morning Routine
make bed, ○ brush teeth, ○ wash face, ○ get dressed, ○ pick up any clutter from bedroom and bathroom,
take laundry to laundry room and start a load, ○ tidy living room, ○ tidy dining room, ○ breakfast ○ school duties

Weekly Schedule
Church Strip all the beds and wash sheets Dust Furniture Clean all 3 bathrooms: toilets, sinks, floors, tubs Deep clean kitchen Sweep porches Extra laundry
Plan meals and make list Vacuum LR, DR, Den, and Office Sweep and mop Kitchen & front hallway Declutter one room Vacuum LR, DR, and stairs Gardening Declutter 1 room
Take out garbage/recycl Food Shopping Project CSA pick-up Sweep bedroom floors

Monthly Schedule

1st week
Wash mattress pads and blankets Hands and knees kitchen floor Straighten book cases Clean out fridge Clean out drawers in LR Clean out my closet
2nd week
wash pillows and stuffed animals Wash windows and doors clean a light fixture Mop bedroom floors Clean baseboard heat in bathrooms, den, and office Clean out Kae's closet
3rd week
Iron clothes
clothing repair
Clean/dust knick-knacks clean vacuum filter Vacuum furniture Clean baseboard heat in LR, DR, Kitchen Clean out Seb's closet
4th week
Clean AC filters Dust picture frames

Clean out drawers in kitchen Clean baseboard heat in bedrooms Clean out hallway/den/office closets

January Wash carpets Vacuum behind furniture

February Wash Curtains

Rotate Mattress
March Start plants indoors Defrost Freezer Plan 4th Quarter

April Clean Gutters Open pool

May Mulch garden Plant veggies Plan Summer Session Flip Mattress
June Vacuum beds

Plan next year

July Clean out garage

August Clean basement

Plan 1st Quarter Rotate Mattress
September Switch clothes

October Clean Gutters Rake Leaves Plan 2nd quarter

November Clean Gutters Rake Leaves Family Newsletter Flip Mattress
December Vacuum beds

Plan 3rd Quarter

Some of the seasonal chores happen more than just once a year, but less often than once a month, so I put them in the seasonal area just to remind me to do them every so often.

I decided not to do a project today. Instead I went to the farmer's market and bought fresh fruit. I want to finish painting Kaelyn's room, but the only time I have available to do it is when she is sleeping.  In her room.  You can see why that won't happen until Friday when Matt can watch Kaelyn for me.  Bad planning on my part, lol.

Sebastian's chore chart is simple and he is doing a good job with his responsibilities.  He earns points when he does his chores, and he then trades in his points for things he wants (pins at Hershey Park, going to McD's, etc.).

The house isn't perfect, but at least I feel like I now have a handle on it.

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Rachael - Coming Home said...

Wow, you put me to shame! As a fellow SAHM I may have to follow your example and make my own chore charts - the only barrier then is actually making myself stick to them :s