Thursday, August 11, 2011

I love you because...

Sebastian told me that he loves me.  He said , "I love you, Mommy.  You are the best Mommy I could ever have!" He then decided to count out the reasons on his hand.  This is what he said:
  1. I love you because you are my mommy.
  2. I love you because you had a baby.
  3. I love you because you go on rides with me.
  4. I love you because you make me cookies.
  5. I love you because you love me.
 I almost cried. This was one of the sweetest things he ever said to me.  Just last night I felt like the world's worst mother, and then he goes and does this today. Being a mother has a roller-coaster of emotions, but this helps me feel like I am doing the right thing.

"A mother's life, you see, is one long succession of dramas, now soft and tender, now terrible. Not an hour but has its joys and fears."  ~ Honore de Balzac

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