Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Camping Lapbook

We are going camping in the near future, so I thought making a lapbook to take with us would be a good idea. We each decorated one side of the cover (that was his idea) and we put in a treasure of educational games in the folder.

The cover: Sebastian made a guy and I just dotted the colors.

Camping Counting: recognizing numbers and their values, Pattern recognition, Spelling his (and his little sister's) name, and storage of all the parts.

Lift the middle and you have find the shape, counting game, and category game,

On the back is a song called "A Camping We Will Go"
We also left room in the lapbook to put in any leaves or flowers we find on our hikes.  We will press them and attach them when we get back.

Sebastian loved making this lapbook and we have already been playing the games.  We plan on bringing along this lapbook, the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom lapbook we made a few weeks ago, as well as a few books on camping.  Our next lapbook is going to be dinosaurs (it is his new obsession).

Shoutout to Homeschool Creations for their camping pack.

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