Friday, April 1, 2011

Our Homeschool Philosophy

Oiralinde Preschool Philosophy of Education
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We believe the best education for our children is one where the Catholic faith is developed alongside literacy and mathematics. Starting and ending a day in prayer helps to keep God centered in our lives and keeps our lives in perspective.

Like Charlotte Mason, we believe nature walks and outside learning help to keep children physically fit as well as help develop imagination in an organic manner. Hands-on learning allow our children to make connections and enhance memory. We also believe that we must develop good habits and self-discipline with directed learning.

We believe the classical foundation of the trivium will develop logic and critical thinking. We will stimulate my children to think with Socratic dialogues by having them retell stories we have read together. By teaching the basic structure, skills, and knowledge of core subjects of the classical approach in the younger years, we will build a foundation for our children which will guide them to success as they get older.

We believe encompassing subjects together in a multi-sensory unit will engage our children and help them become self-confident in their abilities and natural gifts. By using quality books instead of textbooks, we will develop a love for learning which we believe will develop self-motivation. Field trips are another way we can keep our children excited to learn as well as a reinforcement of information.

We believe that one-on-one learning will aide in the development of excellent math skills, critical thinking skills, other varied thinking skills. Working with a cooperative group will help develop excellent communication skills and will teach them how to work well with others. We also believe that by taking group lessons in sports, dance, or musical groups our children will be exposed to many types and ages of people which will teach them about the many cultures of people living in our town.

As our children grow up there will be more priorities in our educational philosophy including reading scripture, becoming computer literate, learning how to take traditional tests, and becoming prepared for college or entering the workforce.

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