Thursday, April 14, 2011

Homebrew Super Hero

At dinner today we were talking about super heroes.  We were discussing which super heroes could fly and what the best super hero was.  We asked our 3YO son to come up with a super hero.  This is what his mind made:

His super hero's name is Yogurt Black, and his secret identity is Placemat.  As Placemat, his job is to clean and jump.  He is from Earth, specifically "The City."  His side kick is Captain Huggy face (which happens to be Word Girl's side kick, but we are assured that Captain Huggy face can live in both worlds and can jump back and forth as needed.)

Yogurt Black makes yogurt and ice cream out of his hands and then throws it at people.  He can also fly and glide.  His last super power is that he can turn into a TV.  Luckily, there are no bad guys, so as a super hero, his purpose is to give people yogurt and ice cream and turn into a TV to entertain the masses.  Sweet!!

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