Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One Month and a Wedding

September has flown by. Kaelyn is now a month old and gives me a few minutes to catch my breath while she naps.  Sebastian is in love with her and she adores him.  For the most part, things are going well at home. It took Sebastian a few weeks to get used to her, and he pushed his boundaries (especially with his father), but he is starting to listen again.  I knew he would get over it.

I want to try to remember the things she has done this past month.  She loves to watch Sebastian, and he loves to punch her in the nose.  He is constantly saying "Hi baby!!" and she smiles for him.  Her first smile was for Sebastian, which didn't surprise anyone.  She smiles all the time now.  The evenings are still hard.  she gets cranky around 5pm and stays cranky until we give her a bottle.  I don't think I am making quite enough milk for her.  We had a very difficult time with breastfeeding for the first three weeks of her life, and I am still healing from that time.  I am hoping once I am fully healed, the milk production will increase.

This past weekend we were out in Pittsburgh celebrating Lia and Glenn's drive-in wedding. That was the most unique and fun wedding I have ever attended!  Sebastian fell in love with a little girl named Lily and they ran around the concession stand until Shrek started on the screen.  This wedding got in the newspaper and a video was put online.  It will be talked about for a long time!

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