Wednesday, August 4, 2010

37 week ultrasound

We had an ultrasound this morning because the doctor was concerned about some speedy growth I had recently.  I won't know the doctor's opinion until Monday, but she looked good.  She was on track for my due date and she is currently about 6 lbs 8 oz.  Last night Matt had commented that he was a little afraid they were going to spot some boy parts today.  Nope.  She is a girl. Here are some of the pictures from the ultrasound.

This is her foot kicking my rib and liver.  Yes, she was actively kicking me when this picture was taken.

Here is a picture of her hair.  It is the scratchy looking white stuff around her head.  Apparently she has quite the head of hair already.  (With Osle being in her blood, how could she not have a full head of hair already?)

This is her face.  She was trying to hide it again.  She just isn't ready for her close-up.

There is her nose and lips.  It looks like she is puckering up for a kiss. 

Of course, the typical profile view.  It was difficult to get this shot because she kept wiggling out of the way.

She was very wiggly during the ultrasound today.  She even kicked the wand a few times.  As much as I want to meet her, I want the next 3 weeks.  I am not emotionally ready yet!!  Although, to be honest with myself I don't think I will be ready.  It just has to happen and I have to get used to having two children.  <3

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