Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some lame poems from years ago

So I found some poems I wrote in July 2003 in a math class.  I find them HYSTERICALLY lame. (and not PC)

this class is such a bore
im staring at the floor
i want to run out the door
and save me from anymore

i hate this course, math onehundred
i would rather just be dead
or maybe sleeping in my bed
these people are serious SPEDs

we are "learning" about inequalities
i think this guy has some fleas
he's scratching like he's stung by bees
did somebody cut the cheese?

Here are some haikus i wrote:

Haikus are poems
i would know because i am
writing one right now

true love surrounds me
his warmth is felt by my heart
the stars fall for us

here are some limericks i wrote
this dumb class needs to stop now
or i might just have a cow
it would be stinky
i'd have a slinky
but would it have an eyebrow?

Shiny things attract my eyes
i sense that there are some spies
i karate chop
and down they all flop
and all you hear are their cries.

Particularly starchy
On a table
Always underground (until you pull them up)
Ow! I pricked my finger

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