Thursday, April 9, 2009

Almost Lost Dog

Yesterday I almost lost my puppy!  I put him on the lead, like I do everytime he needs to go out, but I must have put it on wrong, because when I went to check on him a few minutes later there was the lead, but there wasn't a dog attached to it.  I immediately went into panic mode and called up my husband in tears. Luckily he calmed me down and told me to try calling for the dog out the door. I thought that was crazy, but I opened the door and called for Nanaki, and here came my dog, trotting through the woods in the backyard. He looked so happy.  I bet he ran after a deer, or a bunny, or a squirrel. He came runnng in the house all excited and I was so relieved!  I didn't realize how much I loved that dog until the thought of losing him was in my head.

After that happened we went on a walk (to blow off some steam) and came home. I was just about to make lunch when I realizes it was only 9:30am. I had no idea it was that early!  I thought it was noon! I am hoping today is less eventful.

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