Friday, September 5, 2008

How did it become September?

Where did the summer go? I thought I would enjoy it, but it flew right past me without stopping to say hello.

This summer has been wonderful. Sebastian turned one, and I turned 25. It is amazing to see Sebastian develop and become a toddler with the drive and passion of a little man. We went on vacations and we visited people. He never stops and he loves being on the go. We got a puppy and the two of them have bonded and work together as a team to get into big trouble at home.

We have started geocaching which gets the whole family up off the couch. We go hiking and we are starting to feel healthier. Our hobby is a lot of fun, and it is good for us too!

I have interviewed for two jobs this summer. The first one wasn't right for us, and I wasn't called back. This second job is better for the family, but I am not sure about the timing. It is just a part-time job (which is all I would want right now) at a catholic school. We will see where this takes me, but I haven't given it a lot of thought yet.

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