Monday, February 26, 2007


Our little baby likes to beat me up. He/she has been SOOOO active all day today already. It was funny, just this past week at the OB-GYN, when the doctor tried to find the baby's heartbeat, the baby fought back by kicking the doppler device and the doctor couldn't get a good heartbeat. The doctor said the baby is happy. I disagree. I am pretty sure the baby didn't want the doctor to touch him/her.

This baby seems to have a problem with personal space. The baby hates it when I wear pants, especially the ones I am wearing today because the baby will kick the waist band INCESSANTLY. The baby hates it when I have a partially full bladder: the baby ends up bouncing on the bladder until I almost pee my pants and I have to run to the bathroom. The baby hates it if I have to bend over to put on a shoe, or pick something up, or just put a fork of food in my mouth. I can feel the baby kick me everytime I move my waist and there is a slight pressure on the baby. The baby hates it if I have gas bubbles in my body because the baby will kick my intestines to help the gas come out. Maybe the baby thinks he/she is being helpful, but I doubt it. The baby is REALLY into his/her own privacy.

I think it is endearing. I kinda like getting beat up. It is something I get to feel and no one else can bond in this way to the baby. It is fun to watch my belly pop like popcorn. It is also fun to watch peoplereact to the changing sea in my belly.

Not that I feel fat or anything, but my belly cannot hide anymore. I am noticing a lot more stares. I am afraid people think I am a pregnant teenager. I know I look young, but I am not THAT young.

The first part of this pregnancy was rough. I had terrible morning sickness that lasted all day. (morning sickness is a stupid name for it, really). Luckily around week 14 I started feeling a lot better. Now I am really excited. I have lower energy levels, but at least I can eat again! The only thing that is a bit annoying now would be my lack of a brain. I drop things and I am so forgetful now. I actually started Friday as a different cycle day and I ended up missing my first lesson of the day! I am such a dork! So far today is going much better. (mostly because it was a late start and I haven't had any lessons yet)

Anyway, to answer some FAQs:
1. Yes, I feel fine. Thank you.
2. No, we don't know the gender. We don't want to know. I like being surprised.
3. Yes, we have names picked out for either gender, but we aren't telling anyone until we tell the baby first.
4. No, I don't have a feeling whether it is a girl or boy.
5. No, I don't care whether it is a girl or boy. As long as it is healthy, I am happy.
6. I haven't gotten any REALLY unusual cravings... although I think Matthew could answer that better. I know my tastes have changed and there are somethings I say "why am I eating this?!?" I also eat a lot more often.

If you have any questions I didn't answer here, let me know!

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